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  • Jessica from Allentown

    I started losing my hair when I was in my early teens. It was so gradual that we didn’t notice until we saw an old home movie of me when I was a child. From then on it was nothing but pills, lasers, needles and doctor’s appointments for me all in attempt to regain what I had lost. Thirteen years and thousands of dollars later, my hair was at its worst. I finally decided I needed a hairpiece. I was very apprehensive since I’m so young and I didn’t want to look like I was wearing a wig. The hairpiece came in and I couldn’t believe how close it matched my real hair! It is silky like mine and even reflects my natural hair’s red highlights. People are shocked when I tell them this isn’t my real hair. I feel like I finally look like myself.

  • Sara From Bethlehem

    AHR has changed my life! I started losing my hair in my 20s because of a family history of alopecia. I didn’t think I had any options. Then I found AHR. For a reasonable price they gave me a full head of hair again! It looks natural, it’s washable, I can swim, style and manage my hair like it’s my own. I can never thank Roxanne and her team enough for giving me back my self esteem and confidence! Do it today, do it for yourself. It will change your life too!

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